We serve a variety ofall organic black, green and herbal loose leaf teas, including (some varieties are limited release or seasonal; * = decaf)


ORIGINAL CHAI - Our distinctive organic chai favors the rich Assam black teas of the Brahmaputra Valley and highly-prized cardamom.

DECAF CHAI* A loose blend of "ready-to-brew" spices and fine black teas.

DARJEELING Shaped by the mists and fog of India's Himalayan foothills, our organic full leaf offering from this Biodynamic garden has a refined floral aroma, bright flavor, and a hint of Muscat grapes.

EARL GREY Our skillful organic blend joins whole leaf Ceylon and Indian black teas with pure essential oil of Bergamot, an Italian citrus. This is a fragrant cup with medium body and refreshing flavor.

ENGLISH BREAKFAST A classic that pleases those who regularly enjoy a morning cup of black tea, our full-bodied organic loose leaf offering features brisk Ceylon tea and rich, malty Assam for strength.

IRISH BREAKFAST We highlight the robust, assertive character of Assam black tea with an organic blend that answers the demand for a strong morning cup and honors the style preferred by the tea-loving Irish.

MANGO CEYLON Highlights of fresh, juicy mango marry with the smooth flavor of Ceylon black tea and elegant marigold petals. The refreshing, tropical flavor is also perfect for organic iced tea.

ORANGE SPICE Our organic loose leaf blend joins select black teas with pure orange, cinnamon, and clove in an enchanting cup with a spicy aroma reminiscent of the markets of faraway lands.

BLACK ICED TEA Specially Blended Organic Black Teas from Sri Lanka, India, and China.


DRAGON WELL Also known as Lung Ching, this is arguably one of China's most treasured teas. Our organic leaves are beautifully crafted with an aromatic cup that is sweet, vegetative, and distinctly nutty.

GUNPOWDER From the Jiangxi Province of China, our small pellet-shaped leaves unfurl gracefully with the addition of hot water. It is a memorable organic tea with a slightly smoky aroma and lingering finish.

JASMINE Our Chinese growers mix mild, whole leaf green tea with fresh blossoms, most of which are painstakingly removed after surrendering their ethereal scent to this delicately sweet organic tea.

MOROCCAN MINT A revitalizing blend of Chinese gunpowder green tea and flavored mints of herbal lore, our brightly flavorful organic loose leaf blend has an exhilarating, cooling aroma that is enjoyable hot or iced.

DECAF GREEN* Invigorating green tea with a vegetal, smooth flavor. Gently decaffeinated using carbon dioxide, the only certified organic method.


CHAMOMILE* Treasured through the ages for its ability to soothe both body and soul, our organic whole blossoms from Egypt have a round, deep body and citrusy sweet flavor.

PEPPERMINT* From the fertile volcanic hillsides of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, we seek out the best organic crops for their lively, cooling aroma and sweetly spicy flavor.

ROOIBOS* From South Africa where indigenous mountain inhabitants first discovered it, we selected this organic offering for its earthy aroma and natural character suggestive of vanilla and honey.

YERBA MATE Naturally rich in antioxidants, our organic untoasted, green loose leaf has a distinctive woody flavor, invigorating body, and gently stimulating effect.

CRANBERRY HIBISCUS* Tea drinkers of all ages will delight in this sophisticated blend of refreshing fruit flavors. Tangy hibiscus, cranberries and rosehips are carefully balanced with naturally sweet currants, elderberries, and rooibos for a luscious herbal infusion. Its rich, ruby red color and tantalizing fruits will brighten any meal.


WHITE TEA Minimal handling guards against bruising the organic hand-plucked leaves and buds during the production of this White Peony style. Ours is quiet with floral notes and lingering sweetness.

TWIG TEA This traditional Japanese beverage is made from organic twigs and stems of the tea plant. Our grower ages the harvest for three years before roasting to develop the soothing, richly woody flavor.